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Today I thought I’d write a blog post on why we chose to develop our tasty Cookie Buttons range.

There has been lots of media articles recently highlighting that although gluten free and vegan is on the rise, many of these snacks are not actually good for you or as healthy as they seem.  So, I thought I’d explain the reasoning behind the development of our range, and what actually makes our Cookie Buttons stand out from others, in the growing free from snack crowd.

  1. We use all natural, high quality ingredients – only the best!

First of all, when we first brainstormed ideas for our first snack range, I was determined not to use the same old ingredients that are commonly used in most free from and vegan snacks, in particular, the dreaded DATE PASTE!

Despite it being a ‘natural’ ingredient, not only is date paste a cheap ‘binding’ ingredient used widely by most snack brands, it is high FODMAP – and is a huge trigger for IBS (especially for me) which is why I made it our mission to bring tasty snacks like no other to market which did not contain this ingredient.

Lots of snacks also contain nuts to compensate for flavour, and with the increasing rise in nut allergy sufferers (and allergy awareness in general), as well as the fact our products are made in a dedicated allergen free facility, it was crucial that we developed a tasty snack range that was free from any type of nut or other allergens such as soya – which is a massive challenge!

Instead, our Cookie Buttons range contains high quality ingredients such as all natural cocoa butter, coconut sugar, and pure gluten-free (Scottish!) oats which not only give our Cookie Buttons texture but provides a source of slow-releasing energy.

Low FODMAP Cookies
Fodilicious Cookie Buttons Mixed 12 Packs
  1. Huge lack of on-the-go free from biscuit snacks

How saturated is the snack bar market?! There are sooo many to choose from now. Sometimes when you’re in the supermarket aisle, it is an overwhelming wave of bars that pop out at you, that mostly all claim they do the same thing.   That’s not to say Fodilicious would never launch a snack bar – I’d love to – however breaking into the free from snack market with our first product range had to be completely innovative and “out of this world!”, which is why we came up with the idea of mini biscuits in a little pack, rather than a standard bar, or else our product would probably get drowned in the bar aisle!

We also had help from Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, which is where I graduated in 2016, which is home to the Scottish Centre for Food Development and Innovation, who were excellent at providing guidance for the basis of our snack product as well as market trends.

After some serious decision making, Cookie Buttons were born! There are few biscuits which are classed as a ‘snack’, and we thought our Cookie Buttons would fulfil this gap for many reasons as well as the markets we target (head to point 3 below) – snacking on the go, perfect with a cuppa, ideal as a dessert topping, or to pop in a breakfast bowl!

Have you tried this yet? Head to our shop and see for yourself! We deliver FREE across the UK!

Check out our Instagram @fodiliciousltd to see some ideas from our customers!

3. We cater to LOTS of dietary requirements and are suitable for anyone!

TASTE was always at the heart of our snack development. The amount of free from snacks I’ve tried that lack flavour is frightening! This was the feedback from the initial market research we carried out too. I wanted to ensure we developed a product that anyone could eat – regardless of dietary requirement or lifestyle choice.

This was a complete challenge and when we are pitching the product to most people, highlighting that our Cookie Buttons cater to LOTS of diets – gluten free, vegan, nut free, soya free, use all natural ingredients, no refined sugars, are less than 100 calories per pack, and are low FODMAP certified – first in the UK for IBS and gut health – the question we ALWAYS get is “well what’s in it then?!”

After lots of trials, we cracked it!  Looking at our 5 star reviews, the overall feedback on taste is that our Cookie Buttons are really flavoursome, pack a punch, and are moreish – and I can’t think of better words to describe our delicious “wee” crunchy cookies! For a small biscuit, they really are YUMMY and that’s when we decided to develop our slogan and play on the ‘FOD’ in our name – not only are we the first UK snack brand to break into the low FODMAP space, we also create products that don’t compromise on taste – Full On Deliciousness!

There you have it, the story behind the development of our Cookie Buttons! I’m so passionate to keep bringing tasty products to market to make available to our customers. Fodilicious is not only helping those with IBS (approx. 1 in 5 people in the UK!), we are bringing high quality, delicious, gluten free, vegan, allergy friendly products to market that are also all natural and healthy for anyone to enjoy :-)

Fodilicious Cookie Buttons are available at our online shop or on Amazon UK, Amazon Europe and Amazon.com. We have also launched the UK’s fist low fodmap granola range and the world’s first low fodmap energy drinks.



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