For businesses with commercial kitchens catering for special dietary requirements, food allergies and intolerances can be challenging with the demand in requests for special dietary requirements increasing to an average of 20% year on year. 2% of the UK population have a registered allergy and 20m with a food intolerance. Can you confidently say there are no cross-contamination risks when you cater for special dietary requests in your kitchen?

Don’t worry the Fodilicious Team are here to help!  The Fodilicious kitchen and premises provide a cross-contamination free environment with no gluten, dairy, nuts (including peanuts) and high FODMAP foods on the premises!  We specialise in the production of Low FODMAP (IBS friendly), Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan and other special diets. Let us take the stress away from you and we can help you develop menu choices and dishes for your events tailored to your brand and freshly prepare them for you at the Fodilicious kitchen delivered to you in the new Fodilicious temperature controlled van! 

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Fodilicious Business Clients

New Lanark Mill Hotel, New Lanark

New Lanark UNESCO World Heritage Site