Lauren Leisk Founder Fodilicious

Lauren Leisk, Founder, Fodilicious

Our Story

We created Fodilicious as we are passionate to help others…

 I have suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) from a young age where I found that the root cause of my flare ups was due to my diet. I had a very busy lifestyle, working long hours and finding it challenging to prepare my own food each day or for the full week. I ate a lot of snacks as an easy alternative. However the products available were mass produced, processed and full of additives and preservatives and did not suit my dietary requirements. I found it very frustrating that there were no convenient snack options using premium all natural ingredients.

I have always been very passionate about researching Irritable Bowel Syndrome, looking for ways to alleviate my symptoms and network with other sufferers to share best practice. Finally, I discovered the low FODMAP diet, which eliminates all trigger foods which can set off IBS symptoms. With the help of my Mum, we decided to prepare recipes substituting normal ingredients for low FODMAP alternatives which helped alleviate my symptoms.

Our Mission

 Our mission at Fodilicious is to convert our low FODMAP, gluten free and dairy free home-made recipes into healthy snack options with no additives or preservatives, no refine sugars. Using the finest all natural ingredients to help IBS sufferers, and those with food allergies, intolerances and for everyone to enjoy as part of a healthy lifestyle. Our range of snacks are low calorie – less than 100 calories per pack. Gluten free Coeliac UK approved, Vegan and the UK’s first FODMAP Friendly certified for IBS and gut health and for anyone who wants to live a better quality healthy lifestyle to improve overall digestive health & wellbeing. We want to raise awareness about IBS and low FODMAP, to help people improve their overall health and make a difference in the UK ‘free from’ snack market.



fodmap friendly Certified

We partner with the Fodmap Friendly Team in Melbourne Australia and we are extremely proud to be the first to provide low FODMAP certified snack products in the UK to achieve the Fodmap Friendly Certification – Fodilicious Cookie Buttons!

Gluten free Certified Coeliac UK

Fodilicious snacks – Cookie Buttons range are officially Coeliac UK approved gluten free made in an allergen free facility in Scotland UK to ensure our products are safe!

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