We love to be green, just like part of our logo – not only because our snacks and meals are fresh and healthy, but for the reason that we strive to be a sustainable food business! No unnecessary waste you can be sure that we take the correct steps towards building a green and ethical company.

Our meal trays use 30% less materials than other packaging options, and are even cardboard in colour as a reminder for you to pop them in the blue recycling bin once you are finished.  We have also invested in the best packaging technology to ensure the shelf life of your meals is extended within a natural environment – allowing you to store your meals in the refrigerator for longer without them going to waste!

Your meals will be delivered in our ‘Sorbafreeze’ boxes which have been scientifically proven to keep your chilled meals at a cool temperature.

At Fodilicious, we ensure our kitchen practices are as eco –friendly as our packaging. We cook to order so that not only are your meals as fresh as possible, but we also keep food waste to a minimum.  We also support other businesses within our community and use local, highly commended Scottish suppliers for our produce.  In addition, we use biodegradable and environmentally friendly chemicals to clean as we go, so you can be sure your meals are handled within a safe environment!