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Fodilicious Our Promise Planet

LOVE OUR PLANET! At Fodilicious we are committed to produce sustainable foods. We care about the environment, and we know our customers do too!

END PLASTIC POLLUTION – We have partnered with Ocean Generation (formerly Plastic Oceans) and Work for Good. We will donate £0.50 on every sale on fodilicious.com to end plastic pollution in our Oceans and you will be helping too by purchasing direct through fodilicious.com

PACKAGING: We listened to your feedback, and now in July 2021, we’ve converted to 100% recyclable packaging for our products. We’re so proud to be one of the first UK health food businesses to do this!  We’ve cut our pack size to be more user friendly (tasty snacks on the go) , reducing our plastic usage by 30% and now converted to 100% recyclable plastic pouches, whilst increasing our pack size to 30g (more Cookie Buttons per pack…yum!). Our outer cases and delivery boxes are also widely recyclable.

CARBON FOOTPRINT: We’re reducing our carbon footprint where possible by using local suppliers throughout our supply chain, from ingredients, packaging, and resource – we’re passionate to support other UK businesses!

B CORP: We’re working hard to become a certified B Corporation and this is our mission as we grow Fodilicious.  We have a social impact, helping those who suffer from IBS, food allergies and intolerances by bringing the UK’s first low FODMAP, allergy free products suitable for their dietary requirements.

Fodilicious Our Promise Taste

TASTE is super important to us. We are committed to always using 100% natural, high quality, plant-based ingredients which are ethically sourced so our products are packed with flavour and naturally delicious! Our products are clean label, and we only use pure natural ingredients, so you can be assured there are no nasties! Some of the high quality ingredients we use in our products include Pure Grade A Canadian Maple Syrup, all natural Cocoa Butter, Coconut Sugar (not refined – always natural!) and gluten free Scottish oats – grown in a dedicated gluten free oat farm in the Scottish highlands.

Fodilicious - Our Promise - Confidence

EAT WITH CONFIDENCE we are passionate to produce snacks which are safe to eat for those with food allergies and intolerances and kind to your gut! Our delicious snacks are produced in a dedicated allergen free facility in Scotland, UK.  Our products are free from top 14 allergens, including gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, nut free, soya free, egg free, sesame free and more! We invest in product certifications, such as FODMAP Friendly (the only accreditation worldwide to certify a product is safe to eat for IBS) – so you can shop and eat with confidence.

Fodilicious quality promise

PRODUCT QUALITY is at the heart of our business and we would never sell a product that wasn’t 100% high standard! We bake our products to the highest quality, in fact, we have “Master Bakers” who carefully bake and quality control our snacks, so you can be sure to enjoy every bite! That’s why we use high quality, all natural ingredients in our products too, to give a super delicious flavour.



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