Fodilicious offers a range of delicious ‘Free From’ food using fresh, premium, locally sourced natural ingredients (no additives or preservatives) making it easier for you to enjoy more of the food you love – even for those with food allergies, food intolerances and sensitive tummies!

Our free from fresh meals are suitable for a wide range of diets and we have Vegan options too! All our meals are free from Gluten, Dairy, Wheat, Nuts, Soya and the World’s first FODMAP Friendly certified fresh meals suitable for all stages of the FODMAP diet so you can shop and eat with confidence! Our fresh meals are also low in calories making them the perfect meal choice for everyone to enjoy!

Our NEW sharing pouch of Cookie Buttons‘ are low in calories just 48 cals per serving and so delicious, a great snack for everyone to enjoy!

Made with all natural ingredients (no additives or refined sugar). Our premium snack is suitable for a wide range of diets: Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Wheat Free, free of Allergens and the UK’s first FODMAP Friendly certified snack product! Visit our shop to find out more!

We deliver across the whole of the UK. Choose your products, and we will ship on your chosen delivery day straight to your door!

Your meals will be carefully packaged in environmentally friendly, recyclable trays and delivered to you in a highly efficient, temperature controlled cool box to keep your meals tasty and fresh!

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You Choose

Visit our online shop, choose from our range of ‘Free From’ foods, add them to the basket in our online shop

We Deliver

Meals are freshly prepared to order and carefully packed in a cool box. Snacks are packed separately and our courier service will deliver directly to you anywhere in the UK.

You Enjoy

Reheat your fresh free from meals in the microwave and follow with tasty Fodilicious snacks sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Customer Reviews

It’s so, so great to have low FODMAP ready meals available. I think it’s a really good product, and so far, it’s tasted lovely. It’s a great idea, and in terms of convenience and range of meals, it’s excellent. I also think it’s great that the trays are recyclable. It is clear that they are freshly made, which I think is really good – it doesn’t feel like you’re just eating an ordinary, mass-produced ready meal.

Nicolafrom Glasgow

The over rising feel of the products is quality. The Chicken Tikka Masala was my favourite… it had a great flavour and the meal was really tasty. The chicken was tender and the sauce wasn’t too spicy. I would never have usually chosen a curry thinking I would react to it!

Alisonfrom Glasgow

Good quality food, ideal for dinners when I don’t have time or desire to cook a meal from scratch especially mid week when home late from work and I especially like that meals are healthy too!

Tracy from Glasgow

The Spanish Bravas Chicken was very good. The potatoes were nice and the chicken was very tender and not dry in the slightest. I thought the pepper was a good addition and the crunchy texture complimented the rest of the dish.

Alisonfrom Glasgow

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